stop robocalls

For the love of God, stop the robocalls already!

Robocalls what a pain, but despite our complaints and rants, the number of calls we receive seems to be never ending.

Despite the National Do Not Call Registry’s efforts to help ease the flood of unwanted calls coming your way, it still does not do the job.

“Calls are being placed over the internet,” tech consultant Nam Nguyen told Fox 8 Local First. “They are using a program that locks into a number and, for example New Orleans, a 504 area code. It makes it seem a little more legitimate to perhaps get people to pick up the phone.”

Cue call protection phone apps. Caller ID and call blocking apps like Hiya, have helped consumers be more proactive in protecting themselves from robocalls. Click on the video below to learn more about how you can protect yourself and others from unwanted calls:

stop robocalls

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