ZTE integrates spam blocker and fraud protection tech from Hiya into Axon 7 smartphone

Teaming up with Seattle-based caller ID and call blocking app, Hiya, China-based ZTE will be the first mobile manufacturer who will provide their consumers with caller ID and spam detection software integrated  directly into the Axon 7 smartphone.

“Hiya CEO and founder Alex Algard noted that complaints to the FTC in regard to robocalls was up nearly 30 percent year-over-year in 2016.

“ZTE understands this problem and is approaching it head-on by using our tried and true solution that has been fighting unwanted calls for nearly 10 years,” he said in a statement.”

Learn more about the Hiya and ZTE partnership and how it will benefit consumers in the U.S. by clicking the image below:

ZTE Unwanted Call Protection

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