utility phone scams

Utility phone scams make strong comeback

Back at it again, the utility scam is hitting cities across the nation by duping customers into thinking that they’ve had past due or increased bills that need to be paid immediately or else their services will be shut off.

Hiya, which makes software to protect mobile phones from spam, reports utility scams rose 109% in 2016, as scammers took advantage of unseasonably cold and hot weather,” reports Mark Huffman of Consumer Affairs.

Taking advantage of the cold weather, scams come like seasons, whatever scheme works during one point of the year will most likely come back again to find new victims the next year.

“That’s how scammers operate. If a scheme proves to be effective, it will be sure to make a comeback at some point,” said Huffman.

Learn how the utility scam works by clicking on the image below:



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