This simple scam has suddenly become more popular and could cost you up to $2,500

Sweeping the nation, scammers are using the cold season to prey on the fears of customers with the utility scam. Making cold-calls to a number of residents, victims are duped when they’re told of “past due or increased bills” that they need to pay immediately or else their services will get shut off.

MarketWatch reports,“If you find yourself on the receiving end of one of these calls and you’re not sure if it’s legitimate, hang up and call your service provider, in this case the number on your local utility company’s website or bill,” said Jan Volzke, vice president of reputation data at Hiya, which picks up calls automatically and blocks numbers that have been reported as telemarketers, robocalls or scammers.”

Click the image below and check out how the scam works, what cities are being hit, and how you can prevent yourself from becoming next on a scammer’s list:


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