Elder Financial Abuse

Scam Alert: Look For These Four Danger Signals Of Elder Financial Abuse

Scammers are bombarding us with all types of phone scams, but they’re hitting the elderly even harder, as they’ve found them to be pretty easy targets. With the holiday season in full swing, and tax season trailing close behind, they’re seizing the opportunity to take advantage of how they’ll convince the elderly to hand over their money or personal information with just one phone call.

Think about it, this could be your parents, grandparents, or even you yourself that scammers are hoping to make their next victim. It’s important to check in on your older loved ones and to inform them of how they can be targeted by scammers.

“Older people also often pick up the phone to talk to strangers, so they are also susceptible to phone scams, which range from fake IRS tax collectors to bogus lotteries. Here are the top scams, as monitored by Hiya’s Robocall Radar Report,” reports John Wasik, Forbes.

Learn more about how you can prevent the older members of your family and friends from being a scammer’s next target and what scams they should be looking out for by clicking the image below:

Elder Financial Abuse


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