robocalls are expected

More robocalls are expected during holiday season

What’s worse this holiday season, a lump of coal or a flood of robocalls? We’ll have to admit both come at a close tie for the worst, but what’s more than likely to┬ácome your way or already has this season are ROBOCALLS!

With the growth in robocalls making it the worst year on record, it’s not a surprise that unwanted calls are catering to the season, and hitting us hard with a 113% growth in holiday related phone scams since last year.

“Researchers found most robocalls were gift card scams, holiday cruise scams, and charity scams, where callers pose as police unions, breast cancer survivor charities and firefighters,” reported NBC 26.

It’s important to recognize these scams and how to handle them when you’ve been targeted. Click the video below to learn more about this season’s scams and how you can avoid becoming a holiday scammers next victim:

robocalls expected

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