Spammers celebrate the holidays by inundating consumers with robocalls

When we think of the holidays, visions of shopping, parties, and maybe a few sugar plums are dancing in our heads. But what we forget, is that holiday scammers should be on our radar too.

“Scammers flooded phones with 113% more holiday-related phone calls than they did at this time last year, according to an analysis from robocall protection tool Hiya, which scans more than 3.5 billion calls each month,” reported MarketWatch.

Holiday scams can range from charity, gift card and holiday cruise scams, so be wary when you get an unwanted call. MarketWatch’s Kari Paul highlights Hiya’s focus on how to avoid becoming a scammer’s next victim this season and the growth of unwanted calls in 2016. Learn about what holiday scams to look out for by clicking the image below:

Spammer celebrate

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