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Report says holiday-related scams are surging

In the age of technology, we’re seeing more scammers targeting us online, through email, with fake websites, and even through text message. But despite these upgrades in communication, there’s still a group of scammers who are sticking with the¬†tried and true: the telephone, both landline and mobile.

This holiday season won’t be an exception either. “Hiya reports seeing holiday related scams increase by more than 113% since the same time last year,” reports Mark Huffman, Consumer Affairs. “Jan Volzke, VP of Reputation Data at Hiya, says scammers exploit the fact that consumers are primed to make charitable donations during the holidays.”

Have you been one of these victims or have been targeted with a holiday scam?¬†Well, if you haven’t been hit yet, or would like to prevent yourself from becoming a scammer’s next victim, click on the image below to learn more about the top holiday scams this season:



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