Spam Calls

NYMM: No More Spam Calls

Your phone rings, you don’t recognize the number, it looks local, but you’re not sure if you should pick it up. What do you do? If only there was a magical way to detect unknown callers on your mobile phone without having to deal with the likelihood of you getting stuck with spam calls, if you do decide to pick up.

Well surprise, surprise, it’s not magical, but it sure is close, Hiya, a mobile phone app, helps us solve this common dilemma with not only their caller ID capabilities, but they can also detect whether or not a call is suspected spam or fraud.

“Hiya provides examples of other people’s experiences with what happens when you pick up the phone or call the number back. If the phone call was not spam, then Hiya will identify the unknown number to let you know who was calling,” reports New York Minute Mag.

Get a deeper look into the benefits of Hiya when you click the image below to read NYMM’s exclusive coverage:


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