Mike McSherry

Hiya Welcomes Mike McSherry, Newest Board Member

Today, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of Mike McSherry to Hiya’s Board of Directors. Mike is a serial tech entrepreneur and has served in the technology industry for over twenty years. Eleven of those years were focused on the mobile industry, be it starting a mobile network or developing new Android technology. Mike has an innate sense of emerging technology and trends and has a solid track record of harnessing its potential. He has raised, returned and lost hundreds of millions of venture dollars while successfully selling 4 of 5 startups he’s co-founded. 

Mike currently serves as CEO of Xealth, a digital prescribing and analytics platform integrated to healthcare electronic medical records (EMRs). He and a team incubated Xealth at Providence St. Joseph Health while he was an Entrepreneur in Residence. Prior to Xealth, Mike was CEO of Swype, an innovative touchscreen keyboard installed on over 1 billion smartphones and tablets, which he sold to Nuance for over $100M in 2011. Mike was also co-founder and ran product for Boost Mobile both in the US and Australia. In the US, Boost is now Sprint’s prepaid service with several billion in annual revenue. Prior to founding Boost in Australia, Mike co-founded Zivo, which was the largest web development company in Australia and New Zealand with over 300 employees. Mike moved to Australia with Microsoft where he ran the MSN portal and e-commerce activities. He has also held several product roles with Microsoft in the US. 

To say Mike knows a thing or two about the technology industry would be a vast understatement. With his vast range of experience and a personal understanding of startups, it’s not difficult to understand how instrumental he will be in helping Hiya reach its full potential.

Mike is an active angel investor, board member and mentor to startups and non-profits. He lives in Seattle with his wife, 2 boys, dog, along with his active travel and adventure pursuits. He has lived in 4 countries, visited over forty and received a Bachelor’s in Economics and International Business from William & Mary college in Virginia.

Mike will be Hiya’s third Board Director, serving alongside CEO Alex Algard and Director Geoff Entress. With this dream team at the helm, Hiya is sure to grow and continue our mission of building a better phone experience for our millions of users across the globe.

To read the story covered in GeekWire’s Tech Moves, click on the image below.

Mike McSherry

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