Stop Robocalls

Western Mass News: Dealing with annoying robocalls

Robocalls are everywhere and no city or state in the U.S. is getting a break from them. But how do we stop robocalls? From tech support, vacation, and most infamous, the IRS scam, “just under a billion robocalls were made to cell phones in the month of September. That’s according to Hiya, a robocall blocking service,” reported Western Mass News.

“Consumers have been taken fro more than 300 million dollars in the IRS scam,” Milagros Johnson, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Information in Springfield told Western Mass News. “The IRS telephone scam has dwindled to almost none. We were getting 4 to 5 calls a day from consumers compaling aobut how insane these calls were.”

But just because the calls have died down, doesn’t mean we’re home free from anymore robocalls. Click the image below to learn more about the tips and tricks Johnson advises consumers to do when it comes to robocalls:



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