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October Robocall Radar: IRS Scam Drops, Gift Card Scams on the Rise

Bringing you an update from the latest and greatest Hiya tool, here’s some highlights from this month’s October Robocall Radar.

If you hadn’t heard already, last month, hundreds of arrests were made in India after an IRS scam bust was made by Mumbai police. Thanks to their hard work, we’ve seen a significant drop in IRS scams. As the number 1 most common type of robocall in September, IRS scams have now dropped to number 5 on the list. Yes, we know the lull in calls has been deafening.

Despite drops in IRS calls, scammers will always find a way to weasel back to our phones, seizing every opportunity to do so. Last month, right in time for the election, we featured political scams as our “Scam of the Month”. This month, as the holidays draw near, we’re giving you a heads up to keep an eye out for the gift card scam.

This only skims the surface of the Robocall Radar findings. Now, check out the full report that gives you more insight into the robocall trends Hiya saw in October:

October Robocall Radar

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