You will have to put up with robocalls for awhile longer

The FCC Robocall Strike Force discussed the progress for the fight again robocalls in their second meeting last week, which included expanded consumer education and tools to be implemented to block calls.

However, despite the headway they’ve made in 60 days, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler stated that the team still had a long way to go.

Following the meeting, MarketWatch’s Kari Paul reported, “Alex Algard, founder and chief executive of robocall protection tool Hiya, said the task force has made significant progress in a short period of time, but technology needs to be updated on an industry-wide level.

‘Although the industry achieved as much as could be done within the 60 day window, most of the work still remains,” he said. “The follow-up strike force meeting taking place in another 6 months will be even more important than yesterday’s meeting.'”

Learn more about what the next six months will and could bring by clicking the image below:


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