TC3: Matching mobile developers with investors & mobile operators

Hiya attended the Telecom Council Carrier Connections (TC3) show last week at the famous Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Over a hundred companies from 15 countries were represented by almost 500 total attendees from all corners of telecommunications ecosystem from networking to hardware and software. TC3 is specifically designed to introduce carriers to smaller companies on the bleeding edge of innovation who are looking for growth, commercial distribution, or to raise capital.

The show spans two days and is broken down into multiple tracks. The main stage is primarily devoted to panel sessions and startup presentations called “fast pitches.” Fast pitches allows companies aspiring to raise capital or work with carriers a 5-minute pitch covering their company, products, and model. These sessions were very informative but not always entertaining as the degree of presentation quality varied across the different presenters.  

The panel sessions were generally very good, covering a range of topics including digital transformation (carrier infrastructure), regulation, virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR), advances in backhaul technology, drone technology, connected cars and artificial intelligence (AI). Sponsors like Huawei, who were also looking to partner with startups, gave presentations showcasing case studies of how their solutions/platforms are deployed by partners.

On the second smaller stage, there were ongoing “deep dives” covering industry topics, recent announcements, data trends, and other relevant events to the mobile ecosystem. This more intimate stage was next to a vendor showcase area, where various telecom providers were demoing their products and showcasing their solutions.

Perhaps the most valuable part of the TC3 show is the “matchmaking” component. All attendees are able to log into a secure portal to see other attendees and request/decline meetings with them. These quick, 10-minute meetings take place in adjacent rooms throughout the show.  After posting your company profile on the matchmaking portal, you can reach out to priority/potential partners and they will accept or decline your invitation. The same happens inbound: you can accept or reject meetings with companies requesting to meet with you.

Hiya scheduled or accepted over a half-dozen productive meetings at the show with potential ecosystem partners. There is clearly a lot of interest in solving the spam issue from all around the world.  Carriers are recognizing they must move quickly to address existing or potential regulatory requirements to protect their subscribers. Peripheral ecosystem providers are trying to determine how to configure their solutions around addressing the issue directly or indirectly through “best-of-breed” providers like Hiya. Multiple best-of-breed providers, like Hiya, attended the show, demonstrating the overall demand in the space.

For Hiya, the show was a tremendous success with multiple follow-up steps in progress with potential partners. TC3 is a smaller conference in comparison to Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or Mobile World Congress (MWC), but it is highly targeted, efficient at matching partners together and filled with rich, informative content covering a diversity of interesting topics. The show’s emphasis on bringing companies together, provides a lot of value to large carriers and small developers alike. Hiya will likely attend again in the years ahead.


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