Find Local Businesses from Your Phone’s Dialer

From satisfying hunger pains to grooming Fido to dry cleaning that suit before a 1 p.m. meeting, Yelp has made local search easier as the go-to source to quickly find a reliable, user-reviewed business to help fulfill our everyday needs.

With only one touch away from our favorite businesses, how much better, you ask, can Yelp’s plethora of reviews and local business information get?

Well, they’ve raised their game and today have launched the Yelp Fusion Developer Program, which, through the new Yelp Fusion API, provides third party developers like us with more tools that will help us offer even more local information to consumers.

You may be wondering, what does this have to do with Hiya and my searching endeavors? Well, as we support Yelp’s new program, we’ll be able to better leverage their API to empower our Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 users with the ability to search for local businesses without ever leaving their phone’s app.

Case in point, are you craving pizza? Well, check this out, say goodbye to the days of popping in and out of the Hiya app and your internet browser to find the closest, yet most delicious pizzeria. And say hello to multi-tasking with ease thanks to Hiya:


Once you’ve found where you’ll be enjoying a piece of cheesy, meaty, pizza doughy goodness, you’ll be able to place the order, save the number to your contacts, and be on your way to pizza heaven:


“Hiya’s use of Yelp data is a great example of the innovation possible through our new Yelp Fusion API,” said Chad Richard, SVP Business & Corporate Development at Yelp. “Our goal is to make people’s lives easier by connecting them to the best local information wherever they’re looking for it, and it’s exciting to work with a partner like Hiya that shares that mission.”





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