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Now and Then: How Mobile Phones Changed Our Lives

Thanksgiving week 1962: My mom and aunts pack into the car with my grandparents for a holiday road-trip to visit all the relatives. They drove around all day, hit up all the neighborhoods, ate coffeecake, chatted, etc. However, unlike how we visit family or friends today, they didn’t actually “know” if the family they were going to visit would be at home.

Before they left for their road trip, they’d call the families to say they were coming. However, they were working with land-line-only technology. If the relatives weren’t home when they called, the message wouldn’t get relayed. Remember, there wasn’t voicemail at this time either. So my mom’s family would get in the car, drive to the houses, and just hope someone would be home.

If the relatives weren’t home? Well then, they’d leave a little note at the door and adios out of there. Can you imagine driving for hours just to arrive at an empty house? Then, imagine you left their driveway at, say, 3:00 pm and they arrived back home at 3:20 pm. Ouch. Or what about weather delays? Someone thinks you’ll arrive by noon but you’re caught in a snowstorm and don’t arrive until 5pm – but they have dinner plans at 5pm so you miss them.

My mom’s story made me so thankful for technology today. It also brought me back to 2002 when I waited for a friend outside a movie theatre for 40 minutes. By the time my friend arrived, the movie had already started and I was livid. Every 18 year old didn’t have a cell phone back then! So I just stood there… for 40 minutes… trusting she would arrive.

How else have mobile phones changed our day to day lives? Let’s take a look!

phones changed

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So same… but different.

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