November's Worst Phone Scams

August’s Worst Phone Scams of the Month

Summer is in full swing and the heat just keeps getting hotter. As the heat rises, a number of scams are on the rise too, targeting consumers in the U.S. and internationally with more SMiShing attacks and unwanted calls.

Hitting Apple users as hard as it did last month, United Kingdom customers are still receiving a wave of text notifications for invalid Apple ID account such as this:

SMiShing messages from HM Revenue & Customs also won’t give it a rest in the U.K., despite it being four months since taxes were filed:

Neighboring the U.K., Isle of Man Bank Customers are receiving messages of blocked cards and locked online access, while in North America, Canadian customers of Royal Bank Canada are notified to verify their identities by clicking on a link through text:


Lastly, U.S. Macy’s customers are receiving scam calls in regards to “online orders” they have placed, in attempts to steal personal information:

Whether it be SMiShing or a scam call, be on guard as to who’s messaging you and if what they’re requesting is legitimate. If you’ve been a victim or have been targeted by scammers, share and send your text screen shot or call experience to social at

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