Never Forget a Name or Face With Hiya

When you meet someone for the first time, it’s not always easy to remember a name or tie a face and name together. Even the most reliable people have a hard time remembering the most crucial details after meeting a handful of people at one time.

Aside from being polite when trying to remember names, it also becomes an issue that can impact your social and professional lives. Forgetting the name of your neighbor’s boss means it will be more difficult to follow up on that job offer, or knowing that you’re going to have to remember the name of your son’s best friend’s dad will eventually come into play. But wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to make the process more automatic and less of a struggle?

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Hard

The name-and-face game doesn’t have to be a dance around the issue of running into a new acquaintance whose name you don’t quite remember or whose face you’re having trouble placing. Instead of only relying on your memory—powerful, sure, but not always reliable—the solution is sitting right in your pocket: your smartphone.

With the free Hiya app, you can tie together names, numbers and faces. It’s time to swap out your classic desktop Rolodex for your phone, the modern version that has the added benefit containing pictures along with addresses, and phone numbers.

The Hiya app is a tool that can get you out of many awkward social moments. When you see someone you recognize, but whose name you can’t quite remember, try checking your phone. If they’re also a Hiya user and you’ve saved them as a contact, then you’ll have their name and photo right at your fingertips.

By seamlessly integrating Hiya with your social network like Facebook, your phone does most of the work related to remembering names and faces for you. Hiya users that you’ve stored as a contact will automatically show the person’s most up-to-date profile picture and name. There’s no more worrying about an unrecognized number calling your phone, or trying to remember who “Cindy from Work Conference” is, or if another number is that telemarketer that won’t give up because you can see exactly who is calling you.

A Useful Tool, Right in Your Pocket

No matter where you go, there’s always the potential to meet new people who are currently or will soon become involved in your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet them, add them to your contacts, and not have to worry about remembering a name, face, or number the next time one of you wants to get in touch? By downloading the Hiya app, you can.

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