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What Were You Doing When Smartphone Caller ID Began (2008)

In a time not long ago, 2008, a gallon of gas cost $3.39. The Phoenix Lander identified water in a Mars soil-sample. Barack Obama (D) became the first African American US President. The world was still reeling from the introduction of Hannah Montana and a writers strike forced people to find hobbies outside of new television (gasp!) for three months. And in that year, a piece of technology that had gone by the wayside since the moment smartphones were invented came to life: caller ID for your smartphone.

Smartphone caller ID has come a long way since its inception and there’s still room for improvement, but think of the progress we’ve made. What did your phone even look like then? 10 bucks says you were using a BlackBerry like the rest of us.

Now, let’s take a look at what other pieces of greatness came out in 2008. (To be clear, I’m not talking about the BlackBerry Bold).

Top Songs

2008 music

Low performed by Flo Rida feat. T. Pain, Bleeding Love performed by Leona Lewis, No One performed by Alicia Keys, Lollipop performed by Lil Wayne feat. Static Mayor, Apologize performed by Timbaland feat. One Republic

Top Movies

2008 movies

Wall-e, No Country for Old Men (2008 Oscar Winner), The Dark Knight (RIP Heath Ledger), Iron Man, Twilight

Top TV Shows

2008 tv

American Idol, CSI, The Mentalist (hunka hunka), NCIS, Dancing with the Stars

Sportsball and such

2008 sports

Super Bowl Champions: New York Giants (the cost of an ad in 2008 was $2,700,000), NBA Champions: Boston Celtics, World Series Champions: Philadelphia Phillies, Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China: Usain Bolt breaks the record for 100-m sprint with 9.69 seconds.

Who was born in this year

You guys, they’re 8. If they’re gonna be famous, we don’t know about them yet. It wasn’t that long ago.


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