1976 caller id

What happened in the year Caller ID began (1976)

1976: A gallon of gas costs $0.59. Polyester, platform shoes, and velvet blazers reign king. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak form Apple Computer Company. The Viking 1 lands safely on Mars. Jimmy Carter (D) wins the US Presidential election. And Caller ID was created.

That last one gave you goosebumps, didn’t it? I know the feeling. But let’s all contain our excitement for a moment and check out some other incredibly noteworthy accomplishments from the year of the corduroy suit.

Top Songs:

1976 TopSongs

Silly Love Songs performed by WingsDon’t Go Breaking my Heart performed by Elton John & Kiki DeeDisco Lady performed by Johnnie TaylorDecember, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) performed by Four SeasonsPlay That Funky Music performed by Wild Cherry

Top Movies

1976 movies

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1976 Oscar Winner), Rocky, The Omen, Taxi Driver, All the President’s Men

Top TV Shows

1976 tv

Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Charlie’s Angels, The Six Million Dollar Man, M*A*S*H

Sportsball and such

1976 sports

NBA Champions: Boston Celtics, Super Bowl Champions: Pittsburgh Steelers (the cost of a Superbowl ad in 1976 was $110,000), World Series Champions: Cincinnati Reds, Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria: Nadia Comanici (Romania) earns the first “perfect 10” in gymnastics

Fun Factoids


Stretch Armstrong was the most popular toy (and why not), IBM produced the first laser printer named the IBM 3800, VHS tapes were released, Concorde cuts transatlantic flight time to 3.5 hours


Can you dig it? This is the same year the words “Jazzercise”, “download”, and “startup” (heyO!) made it into the dictionary – this is a very big year. Pretty far out if you ask me. Now dream on, dreamers and keep on truckin’.

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