November's Worst Phone Scams

July’s Worst Phone Scams of the Month

It may be summer, and most of us are enjoying the sunny weather with a little rest and relaxation, but unfortunately, it doesn’t mean scammers are taking a break.

This month, we have confirmed that SMiShing attacks from a number of banks in North America are not slowing down. U.S. customers are still receiving spam texts from Bank of America while Canadian Bank of Imperial Commerce (CIBC) attacks are not letting up either.

And if you thought that the United Kingdom is getting a break, think again. As annoying as it was in June, Apple customers in the U.K. are still being flooded with information verification spam texts amongst their Apple ID and iTunes accounts.

Unfortunately, the IRS scam isn’t just a U.S. issue either. Months after most of us have filed our taxes, text message attacks from HM Revenue & Customs in the U.K. are not targeting customers over unpaid taxes, but now it’s all about them overpaying. Scammers are providing messages that include a “link” where customers can receive their tax rebate at a click of a button.

Lastly, the newest and most recent scams that have been brought to our attention are for Amazon and WhatsApp. Amazon customers are receiving a number of text messages of order delivery dates that they never made, and WhatsApp users are being alerted with the need for information verification to renew expiring subscriptions.

Keep an eye out on a number of these scams, and if you have a scam that you’ve been targeted with, share and send your screenshots to social at
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