FCC Steps Up: Carriers Required to Take Action Against Robocalls

The FCC is taking a strong stance in the fight against robocalls by pushing major wireless and wireline phone companies to take immediate action in providing technology that will block unwanted robocalls to all consumers at no charge. While Hiya is in full support of the fight against robocalls, we also believe it is critical that the industry retains the flexibility to fight the evolving robocall problem with innovation. We do not think this is the right time for the FCC to prescribe solutions via rigid regulation. Hiya is working with industry partners to present better ways to move forward.

As FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler states on the FCC Website, “Robocalls and telemarketing calls are currently the number one source of consumer complaints at the FCC. The Commission is committed to protecting consumers from unwanted calls and giving them more control over the calls and texts they receive.  We will tackle robocalls on as many fronts as possible, whether by implementing new rules, issuing tailored declaratory judgments, encouraging new pro-consumer innovation or urging the private sector to step up and stop this scourge.”

As more and more consumers are affected by the growing number of robocalls, this issue is getting hotter by the minute. Check out how the FCC is getting down to business by clicking the image below:



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