Mayur Kamat

Hello, is it Mayur you’re looking for?

A VP of Product should be passionate about their field and Mayur Kamat is no exception. Hiya is all about improving the phone experience and Mayur’s vision and expertise are just what we need to get us there.

“Phone calls have existed for more than a century and the experience has been largely unchanged. If you think about it, we still make phone calls using the same modality like we did a century ago — pick up phone, dial number, wait, wait, talk, hang up. Messaging on the other hand, has been hugely innovative in the last decade. We can now send pictures and videos, book car rentals, buy clothes, and even pay our friends via messaging apps. The same innovation can be brought to phone calls, transforming them from a mundane relic from the yesteryears to a modern communication technology. There is so much potential in this space.”

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